Plachimada: A symbol of the struggle for water right
Plachimada in Palkkad district of Kerala, India has been transformed from being a nondescript hamlet in India, into a potent symbol of peoplesí struggle against the exploitation by a corporate behemoth.
The saga of resistance in Plachimada has forgrounded the issue of the right over local resources, including water, are vested with indigenous people, and not with governments or multinational corporations.The social message of satyagraha, spearheaded by Adivasis and Dalits with the support of political parties, which began on April22, 2002.For the first time in its history the Cola major had to close shop before the valiant spirit of an impoverished people When governments collude with corporates, democracy degenerates into a system of brutal exploitation of the people.
Political will has to be exploited to ensure that the perpetrators of this corporate plunder are made to pay compensation for the loss of livelihood, and contaminated water and soil