Diary of a father
V.P Narayana Pothuval of Chambrakanam kept a diary to write down his futile attempts to bring back his dying son to life. But Prathap, the youngest of his three children, had to die an untimely death after a prolonged fight with heart disease.
Until his death in 2002, we were not able to identify that the whole sufferings were due to Endosulfan poisoning. "Now I am a lung cancer patient. I have never smoked nor consumed liquor. Doctors have confirmed that it is due to chemical poisoning via food". Pothuval stopped abruptly.
"Oh my son, you are dearer than my soul. And I gifted you death as a message of happiness for you". He had concluded his diary with this message. In fact, it is a quotation by Bah'u'llh, who was the founder of the Bah' Faith.