ABOUT Madhuraj

Renowned photographer and writer, Madhuraj is famous for his series of photographs on two major environmental issues that shook Kerala; namely, the endosulfan poisoning in Kasargode and the exploitation of the water resource by MNCs like Coca Cola and Pepsi in Palghat. Along with other protestations his gripping frames too contributed to endosulphan banning across India and the closure of the MNC factory in Palghat.

He conducted innumerable photo exhibitions in India and abroad winning wide critical acclaims. The exhibition in collaboration with the painter Bhagyanathan, under the banner of SEEK (Society for Environmental Education in Kerala) titled ‘Vishavimuktabhoomi’ (poison-free earth) depicted the misery of villagers in Kasaragod, as a result of aerial spraying of Endosulfan, the killer insecticide in 2001. The exhibition evoked tremendous response across Kerala, and was conducted in more than 400 Centres .The panels promoted public awareness and thus became the source of the inspiration behind people’s resurgence against the Endosulfan tragedy. During the Stockholm Convention of POPs in April 2011 these photographs gained prominence as part of the petition submitted by Kerala Government and a book named Endosulfan- Kerala Story distributed there included these photographs. After the Stockholm convention the Supreme Court of India banned Endosulfan and these photographs became the evidence of the harsh reality leading up to the interim order of banning the insecticide.

A photo panel exhibition on the theme of water exploitation by Coca Cola and Pepsi at Palakkad in Kerala was conducted as part of World Water Conference held at Plachimada in January 2004. Noted activists like Maude Barlow, Jose Bove, Vandana Shiva had attended the conference and these photographs were well appreciated by the world leaders and the activists from all over the world. As part of the campaign various panel exhibitions named WATERTHIEF- another Story of Corporate Crime have been conducted all over India since 2005. The panel consists of 85 photograps, having the size 30X35 inches. The updated and the elaborated panel have been exhibiting to date. The same exhibition was held at the venue of Water Festival organized by Navadhanya at Delhi Hatt, New Delhi in February 2005.

Prepared an audio visual version of the exhibition and presented it at several centres including foreign countries. The visual version was translated into German language titled ‘Wasserdiebe’ which helped in mobilizing the agitation against Globalization in Germany.

He has published a book on the same theme titled ‘Water Plunder: Corporatisation Inc’. The book was released by renowned environmentalist Sundarlal Bahuguna in 2009.

He got many awards which include Maja Koyna National Award and IMCC Award in 2003, Silver World Medal at New York Festival 2005 for the picture depicting the miseries of Endosulfan victims, Prem Bhatia National Award for Enviormental Reporting 2011,Idukki Press Club Award, Jayjee Peter Foundation Award, Rajeev Gandhi Peace Foundation Award and T.P. Sukumaran Memorial Award.A sujanapal Memorial Award 2012.

Apart from that, the largest circulated weekly in Malayalam, Mathrubhumi Weekly which has been instrumental for setting the social and cultural agenda for the last nine decades had published an exclusive issue titled JEEVANASHINI on endosulfan with full of haunting pictures of misery and helplessness of the last 10 years. Dated December 26, 2010 the whole issue consisted of the photographs and the texts by Madhuraj. It was instrumental in making the propaganda against the Endosulfan and other pesticides by the Government and the NGOs before the crucial Stockholm convention.

The special issue of Jeevanashini has been translated into English named 'Annihilator' was uplinked to the official website of Mathrubhumi to get more access and exposure to the readers and viewers all over the world.

Presently Madhuraj is Chief News Photographer in Mathrubhumi Periodicals.

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